Unconventional Craft Beer

Our brewery at The Star on Church street in Godalming, the site of a tavern since 1832 remains largely unaltered with all its 'Olde Worlde' character and charm. We felt like the only thing it was missing was the smell of hops and malted barley on site.

We fixed that.

Meet The Beers

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Meet Us

Godalming has a long and storied history with the brewing of beer and over the years has been home to many breweries and indeed one of the oldest UK records of a brewer of "byere", outside of London was of a "John George" in Godalming in 1483, but sadly there has not been a brewery in the town since 1887. We're here to change that.

We are Godalming born and bred and find inspiration in all the great figures, places and events that Godalming has been host to through it's history. All our beers are inspired by these cornerstones of Godalming life.

The Brewers


I have been running pubs in and around Godalming ever since I was 18, and I've been the landlord at the Star since 2016.

The reputation of The Star is built on a long history of serving quality real ale in great condition and for me the logical next step was to have control over the whole process.

Phil and I have been brewing beer together on a small scale for years and I'm super excited to finally bring our hobby and passion to the pub for you all to enjoy. I hope you'll enjoy the beers and perhaps even join us on a brewday to see how it's all done!


I started brewing beer in my early twenties when I was given a make your own beer kit as a present from my girlfriend. I don't think that she (now my wife!) realised what she was starting.

I left the kits behind a long time ago and have been perfecting recipes on a small scale for the last 10 years. Now I'm looking forward to sharing them all with you! Cheers!

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